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March 23


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P.S You all need a cookie!!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 23, 2014, 10:11 PM
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Hey Crakerz I have a little treat for ya all seams i am so lucky to be blessed to see all of your works i thought id save 1 of each of my favs of all your works :) plz check out all of the others works it may bless your hart with pleasure and peace:) - Brazzi
P.s Get the cookiesss!!!

  Invincible meMy memories they always fly,
Above my dreams and the blue sky,
The sky swallows me whole I'm trapped inside,
Inside my hopes, that I learn to live and let die.
Invincible me, I learnt to be free,
But oppressed pains pierced deep down within me,
My heart did shatter, million pieces you see,
But I'm stood on both feet, fighting for the right me.
I question myself, who was the real me?
Who turned me to glass, fragile glass people see,
Which glue would fix me, which love works for me,
I'm searching for a reply, it's hiding away from me.
But here I was residing within your eyes,
Staring into yours to make myself crazy,
Crazy I was, for a diamond like you,
Innocent happiness dancing between our eyes that already knew.
Now you tread upon a red carpet of another,
She now resides within your admires,
But I hide my invincibility, fake passion I carry,
I walk away forever, no trace for any.
Now I see you both hand in hand,
Do I feel happy or pain I learnt to breathe?
No, I'm invincible, I'm alive
  Moonlight by Jarna-neechan Soft Kitty by McCracken-ArtCute by JuliaburDickybird Apocalypse by TheAnimalsRightFire Skies by AHumbleCriticAirborn Toxic Event by sammywammy123The Oskoreia by gratteloupThe Anger by saputrario
Genie Bottle again, it is hollow inside . by LOVEPINKK77Colorado Sunset :3 by nightshade1445 Guaduas Clock by Raven-Rouge09SR.C- Ostathnac by YavanniStairway to Heaven by NireKeaneSkull. by MadyMadutzaTwo sides by Ethella<da:thumb id="432520821"/>You Want A Monster? I'll Give You A Monster.... by SpottedChesureMoonDragon De La Luna by draoptimusstar2Creepy Church by XxArt-GuardianxX HowlHe's a dancer in the dark
With unearthly rhythm
She's the moon he left to sleep
On a sky without her stars
Like a poem drowned in darkness
In a world of not to happen,
Like a symphony of his own howls
Echoing in desperation
With no moon to hear his cries
He's the wolf
Howling with regrets
In a world of his own madness
She's the moon
Without a sky to hold her high
In a night without a star.
Like the odds are not in favor
Like the sun that conquers
And the moon on someone else's sky
Like the legends we used to fear,
We used to be believers
In a world without hope
Dream, boy, dream of wonder
On your edgy crag
On the temple of your moonless nights
For sleepless nights of pagan dreamers
Writing stories half past midnight
Stars that pierce the sky
Are just children of regrets
Of a love that never happened
But always echoed in the night
Keyblade Necklace by ElleyferranisAmeratesu ACEO by De-Vagrant I shiver and cry aloneI shiver and cry—
I shiver and cry hoping they would let me out.
I shiver and bleed, they seem to laugh.
I shiver and howl against the metal cages—
I shiver and shake, foam escapes my mouth.
This is the final test they say.
One more and I’ll be free…
I shiver as they put a needle roughly into my paw.
I cry, and whimper struggling to get out.
They hold me down hurting me and hit me with a tool.
I cry louder and louder. Finally, I kick, and slowly doze off.
I never felt so much relief.
I finally will feel no pain…
I close my eyes, and do not shiver or cry…
Drops Of Fire... by YOKOKYBloom by HannahLynn143Happy Birthday, Gasara! by DarlingChristieDeath' by shiftsam-6Destruction of the sky by ilvahaust
Untitled by UqceenDreams by kokola9000The first spring sunset 2 by LilleSadinUntitled by LucasLechantre<da:thumb id="442086111"/>Malekith by FondueTacoBroken world by louveskaFallen Angel by ColourlessValorHe Said Her Hair Smelled Like Flowers by ravenangeldogerin London by mmwhaaSurvival of the ice by Varionesx by digorijsSepia composition by storm-lover-girl-93first night by KPRITCHETT14Massar by GosutoMiryokuLilly Pads by BeautifulEndingThe Crow by crashxboomClue 1 by Zane-ThorntonPurple Glare by ItsMissAnonymousWhite Wolf Blue by E by Ellee22SKY-THE MIRROR OF MY SOUL by paula-photographyFatality Reference *updated* by FatalitydragonriderA friend with light by chikuQThe Old Angelic Barracks by RakloRaySever by 86-shadesofblueClock Work Girl by Shh-Its-All-A-LieThe House INK by Ale-259Watercolor Tiger by dawnbrightstarsAfter Battling the Shadow-men by DerezzedDragonCernunnos Bas Relif by XxSeizaxX14. Insanity by ThroughCatsEyes....... And I still need a cookie;)

Skin by Little-Vampire (modified by jackthelama)

P.S You all need a cookie!!by jackthelama

Journals / Personal©2014 jackthelama
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